Exploring a Model of Ground Water Solute Dispersion

Alan E. McKinnon

As part of a major study of ground water solute dispersion being conducted by Lincoln Environmental a model describing the dispersion of solutes in heterogeneous aquifers is being developed (Kulasiri ,1997) This model uses stochastic differential equations to represent the way the saturated porous media influences both the velocity of the water and the diffusion of the solute.

The model is in the early stages of development and the work reported here are some attempts to explore the model's behaviour carried out while the author was on sabbatical leave at the Sydney University Vislab and the Virginia Tech Lab for Scientific Data Analysis during the period July to December, 1997. The assistance, support and hospitality of Assoc Prof Bernard Pailthorpe and his staff at Sydney University and Assoc Prof Ron Kriz at Virginia Tech are gratefully acknowledged.