Iowa State's HIV Molecule Representation
A Few General Examples...

Educational Research

Corporate/Industrial Research

View a CNN Documentary

View "Detour", a VR Movie

Some General Applications
Educational Reseach

Corporate/Industrial Reseach
"Future Watch", a CNN Documentary on Applications of a CAVE

An excellent 4.5 minute Quicktime MOVie from a CNN Documentary showing what a CAVE is used for now, and what it will be used for in the future. NCSA, Argonne, General Motors are only a few in the spotlight in this video.
17.9MB, Quicktime Plug-In Video Streaming Enabled

"Detour", visualizing brain trauma, created by Rita Addison

"Nobody really understands how my whole life was changed since my brain injury. But maybe if I can tell it like a before and after story, in a way people can see what it's like, hear what it's like, and feel what it's like..."
5.2MB, Quicktime Plug-In Video Streaming Enabled

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