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Interesting Links

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CAVE_cam: See what goes on inside the Virginia Tech Virtual Reality CAVE

CAVE Applications

CAVE Projects at IOWA State University

Computer Animation Utility Files for UNIX

VRML Loaders

Visualization & Virtual Environments at NCSA

QuickDraw 3D (.3DMF extension) Viewer by Apple

DesignWorkshop Lite: Experience a stunning walk-though experience on a PC

QuickDraw3D, 3DMF File Format

Download an archive software from

DesignWorkshop Home Page (

Great Building Models by Artifice



Phuwanai (Best) Wanamakok is a MS candidate in the Construction Engineering and Management, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech. His interests include visualization in AEC industry and using virtual reality as a high level interface for visualizing large construction projects.


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