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CAVE Introduction
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I would like to start with a brief introduction to the CAVE and its related technologies.

What is the CAVE?

What is the Immersa-Desk?

What is the CAVE-Simulator?


The CAVE (tm)

The CAVE is a room-sized, multi-person, 3D video and audio environment. High-performance graphics computers generate stereo images, which are then rear-projected to the floor and three walls.  Images move with and surround the viewer creating an immersive environment. Stereo projections create 3D images that appear to have a presence both inside and outside the projection-room continuously. Viewers wear lightweight liquid-crystal- shutter- stereo glasses and see the projection screens become transparent and 3D image space extends to infinity.  Therefore, 3D images constantly appear both inside and outside the projection-room. The position of the users in the CAVE are calculated from the  head tracker attached to the lightweight liquid crystal shutter glasses. This special glass enables users to see the stereo images move with and surround them.   Users interact with the graphics environments with a hand-held device called the wand.

cave1.gif (144478 bytes)

Figure 1: Components of the CAVE. (Courtesy VT-CAVE)
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The ImmersaDesk (I-DESK) (tm)

The ImmersaDesk is a 5' x 4' screen, tilted at 45 degrees. It provides a less physically immersive than the CAVE. However, an ImmersaDesk requires less hardware configurations than the CAVE  and therefore greater in mobility and maintenance.   ImmersaDesk works the same way as the CAVE.   A SGI graphics computer generates stereo images  which are then rear-projected to the screen. Users also wear   liquid crystal shutter glasses, and interact with the ImmersaDesk using a wand, just like what they do in the CAVE.

  Idesk.jpg (34547 bytes) 
Figure 2:  ImmersaDesk at Virginia Tech (Courtesy College of Engineering,Virginia Tech)
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The CAVE Simulator (tm)

The CAVE Simulator provides a CAVE-like, 3-D environment without requiring use of the CAVE hardware.  The CAVE Simulator run on SGI workstations.  Three-Dimensional environment is displayed in a normal window on the monitor screen, and shows the CAVE, the wand, and the simulated user. The keyboard and mouse are used instead of the wand for tracking and navigating in the 3-D environment.

CAVESIM.jpg (45093 bytes)     
Figure 3: A SGI Workstation running CAVE Simulator
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