X-Ray Scan of a Turbine Fan Blade

Here is a reconstructed image of a Turbine Fan Blade taken from x-ray data. The purpose of this algorithim is to look for critical material flaws within the blade .

Using NCSA's XDataSlice, we can move orthogonal planes through the volume to expose voids within the blade. Notice the dark black spots in the greenish section of the blade, this is a void as characterized by the lack of intensity of the x_ray.

This data set was provided by Robert Yancey at Aracor.

We have just recently completed a project for NASA on creating parallel algorithms for computed tomography (CT), using NCSA's CM-5 and NASA Langley's Paragon. This research is summarized in the paper: "Parallel Implementation of the Filtered Back Projection Algorithm for Topographic Imaging" .

A new Medical Rediography Home Page has been recently created that provides a vast anount of information.

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Revised September 11, 1995