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Invitation for Future Collaborations

With an emphasis on advanced communications we are also looking to link with High Schools, other Universities, and local businesses in Virginia who would benefit from a partnership with our existing visualization resources.

Please contact Ron Kriz, Director of the University Visualization and Animation Group (UVAG), which is also known as the "VT-CAVE", for more information to arrange a visit. Within the UVAG-Space there are several groups who openly share a variety of Virtual Environment (VE) resources: 1) Dr. Doug Bowman's 3D Interaction Group that maintains a Head Mounted Display (HMD) lab, 2) Dr. Debby Hix who maintains an Immersive Work Bench, and Dr. Ron Kriz who maintains the CAVE and the Scientific Modeling and Visualization Classroom ( SMVC) which is part of the Laboratory for Scientific Visual Analysis (LSVA) established in 1991.

For visitors not familiar with southwest Virginia we have provided directions from the Roanoke airport to the Virginia Tech campus.

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Ronald D. Kriz
Virginia Tech
College of Engineering

 Revised March 11, 2005