NSF-STC Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Project Description for Ms. Elsa M. Laughlin
Mount Holyoke College
South Hadley, MA


Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data

The objectives of the following summer research project are based on the skills and interests of Ms. Elsa Laughlin: Resume. Elsa is currently a Sophomore in Biochemistry. In addition, she has demonstrated in interest in working with UNIX computing systems and network applications.

Previous tutorials have been initiated on the use of statistics to analyze experimental data. The objective of this project is to expand and further develop this tutorial as a general web tutorial that can be used independent of the discipline of the data. This module will be designed to download "raw" data from anonymous ftp sites and analyze the data. Using JAVA we hope to extend the interactivity of the module where students can learn more by constructing various statistical models.

Participating Faculty:

With these observations and guidelines we have decided that Ms. Laughlin will:

Ron Kriz, Project Advisor, rkriz@vt.edu
April 2, 1996