Interactive Statistical Project: Outline


  1. Resume with picture (May 24)

  2. Learn NIH Images & Spyglass via tutorials (May 31)

  3. Search Data Sets on Web and Researchers on Campus (May 31)

  4. Visit Governors School. (June 4)

  5. Multiparameter Tutorial: (Basic outline due June 8th)

Interactive Statistical Project: Overview

ConceptsToolsData Types
Measures of Central Tendancy
mean, median, mode
Designed Data:
Measures of Variability
range, std. deviation
Image Processing
(NIH Image)
Discipline Data::
polymer composits, geology
mining, www data sets

laughlin/stat/stat.htmlmeru/Task 1. (Resume), Done

Task 2. Learn how to use NIH Image and SpyGlass Dicer, Downloaded NIH and created a local copy of the Butterfly directory on our the Sun-VNI Visualization Lab server because there were some problems downloading butterfly images off of the CVGS server, Done

Task 3. Serach data sets on Web and researchers on campus. Sent memo through the NSF-STC Center requesting data sets, Done

Task 4. Visit Central Virginia's Governors School in Lynchburg Virginia. (June 4th), Done

Task 5. Case Study of Statistics in the Fracture of Laminated Composites. Done
Task 6. Tutorial on Multiparameter Statistical Analysis with Three Dimensional Graphics, Work-in-progress

Task 7. Experiment with interactivity using Java and the IMSL Statistical Libraries. Work-in-progress