NSF-STC Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Project Description for Mr. Michael Yilma

The objectives of the following summer research project are based on the skills and interests of Mr. Michael Yilma. Mr. Yilma is currently a Computer Science major with a minor in Mathematics at Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina. In addition, he is a Malcolm X Leadership and Presidential Scholar, as well as the recipient of the Leadership and Academic Achievement Award from North Carolina State University. Mr. Yilma's grade point average reflects aptitudes in Chemistry, Biology and Computer Sciences.

Mr. Yilma has also worked as the production manager of a news magazine publihsed by the Future Black Scientists of America. He would like to apply these skills toward educating and "providing redirection for at risk minority students" in the sciences.

With these interests as guidelines we have decided that Mr. Yilma will:

Because Mr. Yilma has already demonstrated good communication skills along with interests and aptitudes in Computer Science and Chemistry, I believe that he will be successful with these two tasks.

Ron Kriz, Project Advisor
May 30, 1995