Materials Science and Engineering 2094
Analytic Methods in Materials Engineering
Spring 1998
General Information

Virginia Tech
College of Engineering

Index# 3403
Location: 212 Holden Hall
Time: T, Th 3:30 - 4:30 pm


Professor Ronald D. Kriz
Associate Professor, Engineering Science & Mechanics
and Materials Science and Engineering

Office: 121B Patton Hall
Office Hours: TTh 1-2:30pm
Phone: (540) 231-4386
FAX: (540) 231-9187


Extended Course Syllabus, Kriz

Official MSE Course Syllabus MSF2094.pdf in pdf Acrobat format


The only required text for the course is Bio-Statistics, Third Edition by Stanton and Glantz. We assume that you have access to (and know how to use) the following software. Therefore, you must purchase any software that you are missing, and may want to pick up a "help" book for one or more of these packages.
Exams There are no midterm exams or final exams in this course

Projects Projects will be the primary form of assignment. They will be assigned
periodically in class with precise due dates. No late projects will be
accepted unless a prior agreement has been made with the Instructor! A
typical project duration will range from 1 to 4 weeks. You may work together
in groups to gather information and to seek help/advice.

Papers Short reports and memos which summarize your results will be required
as part of the project assignments. They will be the primary mechanism for
grading, along with the actual results of the projects.

Grading Final course grades will be determined by averaging all project grades.
Every project will be graded out of 100 points, and project grades will be
weighted based on the number of weeks required to complete the assignment
(e.g., a 4-week project will count 4 times as much as a 1-week project.

Some Tentative Project Topics:

Revised January 10, 1998