Fracture Contract for Jireh J. Yue

Jireh J. Yue's Fracture Contract

Personal Contract for Fracture HomePage project (MSE 2094)

Energy Theorems that are related to fracture

1. Griffith-Orowan-Irwin Concept
2. Elastic Energy (Specific Potential) Model
3. Strain Energy (based on crack tip modeling)

Energy Methods

Introduction and Background

Griffith's Idea

Griffith-Irwin-Orowan Concept for Failure

Griffith-Irwin-Orowan Concept for Fracture

Strain Energy Release Rate

Crack Speed and Kinetic Energy

Fracture Energy of a Specimen of Different Sizes



Energy Methods related to other group's works

***Contents of the material may be subject to change as the project evolves. If you have any questions please contact me.