MSE 2094   97'   CLASS  PROJECT


        * OBJECTIVE:  
           To  use resources to create a simple computer program to help students 
           in upcoming years to better understand fracture and the constituents 
           that make up a material's ability to undergo this process.

        *  RESOURCES: 
             1.    Mainly will be using  Callister  from MSE 2034/2044 and references from 
                   Newman Library  and my FORTRAN90 textbook for programming code.
             2.   From  Callister  will use equations:
                   a)    (8.6)   p.193  --  fracture toughness.
                   b)    (8.7) , (8.8) p.194 - plane strain  fracture toughness  and  its conditions.
                   c)    (8.9) , (8.10) p.196 - critical stress and max. flaw size.

        * DUTIES:
                   a)   Describe the differences between the equations.
                   b)   Use FORTRAN90 to develop a program to relate the equations.
                   c)   Keep the program simple for the upcoming freshmen to understand.
                   d)   Keep in contact with Visualization (Ty and Ben) to alert of any changes.      

        *  TOOLS:
                   a)   Visual aids such as images of each equation and a diagram or two 
                   b)   Use data from Table 8.1 p195 , Callister 
                   c)    Make program user friendly and be able to enter own data. 
                   d)    Do not make program too complex and comment often.  

                    To make and abide by this contract for the class project in MSE 2094 . 
                    ( Ronald Kriz , Prof.)

        *  GROUP: 
                     Pete Widas  -- History/Introduction
                     Jason Midkiff  -- Theory
                     Kevin Tingler  -- Simple Computer Program
                     Jeff  Schultz  --  Examples

        *  CONTACTS:
                     Ty  Schmierer  -- Visualization
                     Ben Liptak   --  Visualization

        Revised  3/18/97.               Signed:_________________________