MSE 2094         97'   CLASS   PROJECT


To  use resources to create a simple computer program to help students 
in upcoming years to better understand fracture and the constituents 
that make up a material's ability to undergo this process.


Mainly will be using  Callister  from 2034/2044  and  Reed-Hill 
from 3305. Also references from Newman Library  about FORTRAN 
programming code.


To make and abide by this contract made 2/27/97 for the class project 
in MSE 2094 . ( Ronald Kriz , Prof.)

I am going to create a program on crack propagation using formulas in 
the above mentioned texts.Also , the formulas will be used in determining 
other properties of the material in question.


Texts on FORTRAN90 programming , visual aids such as animation may be 
used in describing the process the program uses in determining its 
solution , and classmates information about the necessary tools 
for my program to be optimized for maximum understanding  for the 
potential MSE student.


Pete Widas  -- History/Introduction
Jason Midkiff  -- Theory
Kevin Tingler  -- Simple Computer Program
Jeff  Schultz  --  Examples


Ty  Schmierer  -- Visualization
Ben Liptak   --  Visualization