Contract For Jeff Schultz

Numerical Examples

My contribution to the numerical portion of the Fracture Homepage will be to construct a finite element model which will show a body undergoing fracture. The model will be generated using MARC, a nonlinear finite element analysis software package. Upon completion of the solution MARC will generate an animation of the loading and fracture of the body which I will turn into an MPEG animation. The animation that will be put on the homepage will show a meshed body undergoing deformation until fracture occurs. As the body is deformed by the loading different stress levels on the body will be represented by a color code. An explanation of the boundary conditions, geometry, and mesh will accompany the model. The information provided by Pete Widas and Jason Midkiff will explain the theory behind finite element analysis of fracture.

The geometry and loading of the body will be picked based on its relevancy to the entire project. Ideally my model could correspond to an actual experiment done by the experimental group. However if this is not feasible then another geometry and loading will be chosen. Also to be taken into consideration will be the length of MPEG that will result from the model.

Since I am the only one in the group with previous experience in finite element analysis I will try to make sure that everyone in the group has at least a basic understanding of fea. I also have some information on fracture and fracture modeling that is available to every one in my group.

Revised 2/26/97