Contract for Fracture Project

I, Christopher Meyer, intend to perform to the best of my abilities the following duties for the MSE 2094 class, Analytical Methods.

First, I will perform class and homework as assigned by the professor. In performing these assignments, I will work to solve the problems within the Honor Code. I will also offer or request help on these problems as needed.

Second, I will perform work toward the class project on Fracture within the Experimental Group. I will research the area of Fatigue, S-N curves; cyclic fatigue as it relates to Fracture. I will cite references used and give other credit where necessary. I will do my best to provide accurate and insightful information on my area of research.

Finally, I will work beyond my own group, helping out with other groups in whose topics I have knowledge.

/s Christopher Meyer

Maintained by Christopher Meyer
Revised February 25, 1997