Contract for Keith Lyon with Regard to MSE 2094

Class Project Spring 1997: Fracture


  • Design (1) clickable map (possibly crack propagation)
  • Write tutorial with Tiffany on how to make a clickable map
  • Work with Tiffany and help with whatever she needs for her clickable map
  • Write a brief explanation of information conveyed in map
  • Help out visualization group when needed and possible
  • Experimental:

  • Learn basic concepts of experimental fracture
  • Convey ideas from experimental group to visualization group
  • Possibly incorporate ideas from the experimental group to be used in my clickable map
  • What I need:

  • (1) one page for the map itself
  • 4 - 8 links for information incorporated in the map
  • No more than ten pictures for use in the map
  • Ideas for the clickable map, If you have an idea that you like better than mine I am willing to listen I must have ideas by Monday March, 24 for them to be considered
  • This contract is subject to change as more ideas are brought to my attention