The Contract for the Team Project

Jefferson Kim

MSE 2094

Stress Intensity

- Definition of Stress Intensity ?
: I will provide mathmatical background
* I will provide picture, figure 8.10 and three demensional analysis

Terminalogy and equations

- What are the equations for stress intensity ?
: explains basic ideas of factors and variables
* I will provide important engineering intensity equations
* Equation 8.6, Equation 8.8, Equation 8.10
* I will explain ideas intensively from engineerer's view
-Terminalogy and paramers
: explains about stress, strain, stress intensity factor
* I will provide pictures and tables to indept explanation
* I will compare each other for readers to understand these terms easily

Relatinship with toughness

-How toughness realted to intensity ?
: I will provides the equations from McCallster Book and other sources
: I will provide gragh and tables to backup
* I will use other well known books to explain the relatinships
* I will also provide the actually example how engineers utilize stress intensity

Relationship with yield strength and strain

- provides equations
- provides grapha and examples

Visualization Group Communication

-I will communicate with the Communication Group to discuss about picture and graph
-so that I can bring the ideas and the materials more easily
-I think that I should give the picture and things to the Communication Group well before
-the deadth because I don't want to make any unpleasant experience with classmates

HTML Group

- I am going to make professinal looking papers to HTML Group so that I can work more
- fast and efficiently. Also I will consistently communicate with them to adjust any
- problems and accomodate any schedules.
Basically I will have to communicate with other groups as well as within group so that I
can make necessarily adjustment such as the size of pictures and graphs and length of
the paper. Also I will talk to my members to adjust the units and the parameters in the