Contract for MSE 2094 Class Project:

Analytical: Fatigue

Shawn Kelly
February 27, 1997

· Fatigue
	· Summary
	· Definitions: Fatigue, Fatigue Life, Fatigue Limit (link to image Callister fig.8.19) 
	Fatigue Strength, Thermal Fatigue, 
	Case Hardening (link to image Callister fig 5.0), Corrosion Fatigue

· Cyclic Stresses
	· Definition by examples, i.e. examples of axial, flexural, torsion
	 ( Possible Images from "Mechanics of Materials" ESM 2004)

· The S-N Curve
	· What is it? ( graph, Callister fig 8.19)
	· Using S-N to determine probability of failure.  

· Crack Initiation, Propagation, and Propagation Rate
	· Summary of each
	· Diagram of Fatigue propagation, Callister fig 8.22
	· Diagram of Fracture surface (  Callister fig 8.23, 8.24)  beachmarks and striations

· Factors that affect fatigue life
	· Mean Stress
	· Surface Effects
	· Environmental; thermal, corrosion.  Examples

· Solutions to Fatigue
	· Design: example i.e. airplane wings, bike frames
	· Surface Treatments
	· Case hardening

· Fatigue Resistant Materials, what are MSE’s doing to solve problems with Fatigue?

	· What I am going to need:
		· Probably one page maybe two, one for fatigue, one for fatigue design
		 and material selection
		· links to other images from within document, links to "dictionary"

· Visualization
	· Approximately 15? Images.  I will adjust according to your limit. 
	 I still need to look for some more, which is the reason for the ?
	· Maybe a small clickable map.
	· I might be able to find a movie, which means you wouldn’t have to do one

This is my contract for my part of the FRACTURE class project, items
		 may be added or deleted depending on availability of 
		information and of course, time.

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