Contract for MSE 2094 Fracture Class Project- Fractography

I, Ronald Halahan, have the responsibility, along with Jaret Mutter, to cover fractography for the 1997 MSE 2094 Fracture Class Project. Fractography is the science of examining fracture surfaces to understand the process and causes of failure. In this study, pictures of various materials under different types of loading will be presented. Materials investigated will include, but not be limited to, brittle and ductile metals, ceramics, polymers and composites. Types of loading will include, but not be limited to, compression, tension, bending and cyclic. Along with these pictures will be an explanation of the fracture surface. The analysis will cover, but will not be limited to, modes of failure such as dimple rupture fracture, tearing, brittle cleavage.

I will also assist the rest of group, experimental, and the rest of the class with any help I can provide.

/s Ronald Halahan

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Revised February 24, 1997