Sean Grealis 154-80-5806 MSE2094 - Contract for Group Project

Topic: History of Analytical Methods in Fracture of Metals

Objective: To present a clear and complete history of the history of analytical methods
in the fracture of metals for use by students in MSE2034 and MSE2044.
Abstract:I will briefly describe and go over the history of fatigue that is presented in
the Callister textbook. Also, I plan on presenting other material from outside
sources, and particularly the work of Griffith, who first formulated a Fatigue
Theory. Not much mathematical theory will be gone into at this stage, as I believe
that the other people in the group will cover that well enough that it will not
have to be discussed. The main purpose of this section is to give the reader a
brief introduction and to basically give them a brief timeline. That is, where
and why did the analytical study of fracture start, who started it, what is
findings were, and where have we gone from there.

HTML requirements:I do not believe that much in the way of HTML, aside from a few scanned
images will need to be done in this area. The scanned images might be of some basic
fracture pictures and graphs that will better explain some of the ideas that will
be put forth in the discussion.

This is a very tentative contract. As more research is done by myself into what will exactly will
be put in the page, what images will be included, etc., the contract will become more specific.
Sean M. Grealis