Fracture Design Contract

Matthew Gordon

The science of fracture design is a very broad topic and complex topic. I will endeavor to cover the general parameters that have an impact on a materialís fracture properties. I will list the necessary HTML "specials" after each paragraph. Fortunately for the visualization group, I have the capacity to "scan in" my own equations using Mathematica 3.0. Currently I am planning to subdivide the discussion of fracture design into 4 subcatagories.

The first subdivision will cover the generalities of designing for or against fracture. This subdivision should cover topics like shot peening, case hardening, and alloying. I plan to include a number of equations that describing fracture in this section. I will also include a short table of materials with their name, tensile or bend strength and K1c values for reference. Requires a table

I would like to use two real life examples of how fracture design can be used in material science. One example should demonstrate an application where a material was selected or designed not to fracture. The second example should demonstrate an need for a material to fracture. Aluminum bike frames may be a classic and simple example of how parts are designed not to fracture. One of the reasons aluminum bike frames are extra thick is to compensate for aluminumís lack of a fatigue limit. I am considering using ballistic armor applications to demonstrate a need for a material to fracture. Requires 2 scanned images

I expect to have an entire web page devoted to how geometrical properties of a monolithic piece can effect fracture and crack propagation. I would like to enlist the aid of the numerical group to create a simple FEA model that would demonstrate what effects geometrical discontinuities have on a piece of material. In addition I would like to include the equations corresponding to this type of fracture design and a few sample problems demonstrating how to use the equations. Requires an simple FEA model and maybe two scanned images.

Lastly, I plan to include an HTML page listing half a dozen references that refer to fracture and design. I hope to find references with a wide base of appeal, from the very basics to the more complex aspects of fracture design. This is will ensure that anyone reading the document will have the opportunity to learn more about fracture, regardless of their level of knowledge. Requires nothing

Last updated 2/27/96