Jerry Ballard's Contract  
 Brittle Fracture

 I. Definition  of  Brittle Fracture   

       A. Types of  Brittle Fracture

             1. Transgranular   ( Callister p.187 figure 8.6a )
             2. Intergranular     ( Callister p. 187 figure 8.6b)

      B. Pictures of Brittle Fracture

             1. Chevron markings ( Callister p. 186 figure 8.5a + 8.5b)
             2. Origins of cracks

 II. Background Information and Definitions

      A. Stress
      B. Strain
           1.  Necking
           2.   Poisson's ratio

      C.   Young's Modulus            

 III.  Stress-Strain Plots of Brittle type materials 

      A.  Ceramics  (Callister disk)
      B.   Brittle Steels

 IV. Ductile to Brittle Fracture 

      A.  Affects of  temperature
      B.  Strain Hardening  ( affect of dislocations on hardness of the material )

 V.  Griffith Theory of Brittle Fracture

 This is my contract for the class project on fracture.  I reserve the right to add or delete anything on the contract if I deem it necessary.

 Jerry F. Ballard