David Bailey
Contract for Ductile Fracture

Purpose : To provide a clear and easily understood format in which the user can obtain a thorough understanding of ductile fracture

Objectives :

  1. To give a general explanation of the basics of fracture
  2. Provide a general definition of ductile fracture
  3. Examine characterization of ductile materials through macroscopic and microscopic analysis
  4. Provide detailed figures that allow the user to examine ductile fracture on a microscopic level. Electron microscope view of ductile fracture, Figures 5.31a , 5.31b(Introduction to Engineering Materials, G.T. Murray) ; Scanning electron fractograph of ductile cast iron (Materials Science and Engineering,William D. Callister, Jr.)
  5. Discussion of cup and cone ductile fracture. Figure 8.3a (Materials Science and Engineering,William D. Callister, Jr.)
  6. Design considerations regarding fracture
  7. Study of fracture resistant materials, what things can be done to reduce fracture
  8. Examine crack initiation,propogation, and propogation rate : Provide a summary of each
  9. Ductile to brittle transition, Overview of Charpy and Izod tests
  10. A general explanation of the major differences between brittle and ductile fracture

Visualization :

References :

  1. Materials Science and Engineering(Third Edition), William D. Callister,Jr.;pp.121-123, 182-185, 776
  2. Physical Metallurgy Principles(Third Edition), Robert E. Reed-Hill; pp.739-746, 827-832
  3. Introduction to Engineering Materials, G.T. Murray; pp.199-206

This is an initial contract and may be changed upon discussion with members of my group or Professor Kriz
David M. Bailey, dabaile4@vt.edu
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