My part in the project deals with the triple point and Gibbs Phase Rule. At this point, I
am not certain into how much detail my introduction of triple point will be. This problem
is currently being addressed and discussed with Chris Latin and the Analytical group. For
now, my ideas for my page will follow this format.

Figure 1 (phase diagram of triple point)

In this paragraph I will discuss how three phases co-exist at the triple point and a little
description of Figure 1.

Part I:

This section will go over very basic examples, like naming the phases present in Figure 1.
Or maybe: If the pressure is increased, does the melting point of the material increase,
decrease, or stay constant?

Part II: Gibbs Phase Rule

Figure 2 (phase diagram for water)

This section will go over problem 9.41 in the Callister book. I am not sure if I am going
to do the whole problem, but am definite that it will be applied to the triple point. It is
such an easy calculation that I may relate it to other points on the Figure 2.

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