Garrett Storaska's Contract:

For the applications examples group, I am going to research and create pages about the Copper Nickel and Neodymium-Iron-Boron applications of phase diagrams. My pages will include:
On the copper-nickel page I will include a link to the Cu-Ni phase diagram scanned by the sci-vis group from the Callister book. I will write about three or four paragraphs in total describing the significant points about this diagram, and include c aracteristics and applications of Cu-Ni alloys. One interesting property of the Cu-Ni solid solution is the complete solubility of Cu in Ni and vice versa. I will discuss the reasons and importance of this.
In the Nd-Fe-B application page, I will write five or more paragraphs and make links to its ternary phase diagram and several TEM photographs of Nd phases during the processing of the Nd2 Fe14 B super magnet. My report will include a brief discussion of the excellent magnetic properties of Nd2 Fe14 B. I will then discuss the use of phase diagrams in its processing, in which I will either briefly discuss ternary diagrams or link to another group who will. Lastly, I will discuss many modern applicati ns and of this extremely powerful magnet.

(links to other sites on Nd-Fe-B magnets will be included here or on the Beth's sites page)

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