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In this page, I plan to show a picture of iron carbide used in one of its many applications. From the Examples group you may have read that Fe-C has different compositions to determine it's strength and ductility and so on. I plan to show which carbon percentage in iron is best suited for certain conditions. Generally the more carbon you have in pure iron (close to 1.5%) the harder, stronger and less ductile the steel will be. Pure iron by itself is relatively soft and ductile compared to carbon impregnated steels. By adding C to the iron you get a variety of strengths in your steel.

Another sort of application that I would like to show is the silicon nitride and the carbide family of ceramic materials. These ceramics demonstrate high wear characteristics and are used in high temperature applicaiotns. You will not see any Examples or Analysis on these elements but I plan to give the sci-viz group pictures of where therse ceramic materials are used. I have talked with James and Andrew, our team leader, to find out what links to setup and emailed other students to see how I can enter links to their sites.

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