Andrew Johnson's Contract

Triple point of water
In this portion of the project I will get a picture of an ice skate on ice and have the sci viz team scan it in. There will be a link to it from Grace Gamboa's example page on the triple point of water. There will be at least one paragraph of text about the application of the triple point of water.

Lead tin solder
This application will consist of one picture of lead tin solder(sci viz) and at least two paragraphs of information of the application of it. There will be a link to the phase diagram of lead-tin also.

Stainless steel and Inconel
This page will have at least two pictures of the materials(sci viz) and at least four paragraphs on information about the uses of the materials in real life. There will be a link to the phase diagram of Ni-Cr-Fe also which is being done by Jamie in the analytical group.

Group leader
As group leader I will coordinate the efforts of my team to ensure we are communicating efficiently with other groups and making good use of links. I will make sure that our group as a whole is putting together a page of equal quality across the board so no one person ends up doing the majority of the work.

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