School Address                               Home Address
204 Janie Lane                               2433 Carey Lane
Blacksburg, Va. 24060                        Vienna, Va. 22181
(703) 232-4998                               (703) 938-6921


A position as an entry level materials science engineer with a corporation that will provide a 
challenge, increasing responsibility, and opportunity for growth and advancement.


1992-present   Virginia Polytechnic and State Institute

1988-1992      Paul VI High School


Position: Manager/Supervisor

Cox Farms (August 1, 1989 - January 4, 1994)

Vienna, Va.

Duties entailed organizing and leading groups to perform tasks, cashiering, handling and counting the
earned money in the cash registers after hours, dealing with wholesalers, suppliers, and local
produce growers, taking inventory, handling invoices and orders, greeting customers.

Position: Busboy
The Sharks Cove (May 15, 1994 - August 23, 1994)

Fenwick Island, De.

Summer job that entailed organization of restaurant appearance, taking care of customers, catering to
the wait staff and their problems.  Overall, job dealt with control of power, hierarchy of command,
and learning  to balance the two. 


Computer Experience : Own IBM PC, familiar with UNIX and Macintosh

Software            : DOS, Windows, Fortran, TKSolver, Mathematica, Quattro, Lotus 123, Quicken, 
                      WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Harvard Graphics, CADKey, Procomm Plus

Scanning Electron Microscope            Engine Lathe            Telecommunications      Oscilloscope

Welding (arc & gas)                     Sand Mold Casting       Networking              Management

Some Heavy Machinery                    Public Relations        Presentations

Golf, Fishing, Weightlifing, Running, Any physical activities in general 

FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operator, KE4KGR (Technician Class)

Member of the Society for Advancement of  Material and Process Engineering

Member of the National Latin Honor Society (1991-92)

Member of the Dean's List (1988-1992)


Provided on request.