University Cooperative Education Program                          Student Personal Resume

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

252 Henderson Hall, Blacksburg VA 24061-0107

Tel:  (703) 231-6491    Fax:  (703) 231-3293

Name:   Ruddick,  Daniel Russell        

School Address:                                                   School Phone:

750 Tall Oaks Dr.  #11300I Blacksburg Va 24060   (703) 953-1964

Home Address:                                                    Home Phone:

5 Windy Crest Dr.   Beaver Falls  PA   15010          (412) 843-1899

Birth Date:   4/16/74                                  Country of Citizenship:    U.S.

Academic Status

Acedemic Level:   Junior

Semester Credits Completed:   62

GPA:   3.3344

% B.S. Completed:   24%

Hours Currently Enrolled:   16

Summary of Experience

Firm Name:   Allied Signal Engineering Plastics, Chesterfield Plant          Phone: (804) 530-6000                                                 Address:   4101 Bermuda Hundred Rd.  Hopewell, Va.  23860

Position:  CO-OP

Duties: Produce process sheets, collect samples, maintain databases of results, enter formula information 	into GEMMS system.

From:  	1/94    To:  5/94

	8/94    To:  12/94

	5/95    To:   8/95	

Firm Name:   Alaska Northwinds Tours          Phone: (215) 346-8070                                                 Address:   1231 Airport Road #316    Allentown, PA 18103-1311

Position:  Tour Guide

Duties:  Drive, Navigate, Carry Baggage

From:  6/93     To:  8/93

Firm Name:   The New Jordan Lanes

Address:  731 Jordan Parkway     Whitehall, PA  18052

Position:  Front Counter

Duties:  Register, Clean, DJ, Fix Problems

From:  6/92     To: 8/92

Firm Name:  McDonald's Chippewa

Address:   2546 Constitution BD RT51,     Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Position:   Crew

Duties:  Cooking, Drive-thru,  Counter

From:  7/90   To:   5/92


Gerry McCann,  1231 Airport Road #316    Allentown, PA 18103-1311, Phone: (215) 346-8070

Terry Walsh,  4101 Bermuda Hundred Rd.  Hopewell, Va.  23860, Phone: (804) 530-6406

Additional Skills

Computer Literacy(IBM),  Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Familiarity with Network systems and VAX systems.

Activities and Honors

Eagle Scout,  Blackhawk Math Competition- 1st Place,  Blackhawk Physics Show- 1st Place, Presidential Academic Fitness, SAMPE Member.

Hobbies and Interests

Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Cycling, Skiing, Kendo, Camping, Shooting.