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 OBJECTIVE          Polymer or compsite materials design, testing and selection.

 EDUCATION          B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, May 1996
                    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA

                    QCA: 2.6/4.0

                    Materials Engineering related courses taken:
                      Materials Science for Engineers
                      X-ray Diffraction and Lab
                      Structure Properties I, II, and Lab
                      Introduction to Polymer Engineering and Lab
                      Thermodynamics in Materials Science
                      Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing and Lab
                      Mechanical Behavior of Materials
                      Phase Equilibria in Ceramics

 SKILLS             Laboratory and Scientific Skills
                      Proficient in the use of an x-ray diffractometer and
                        powder pattern analysis.
                      Extensive laboratory experience involving microstructural
                        analysis of metals.
                      Polymer testing and processing.
                      Knowledgeable in various laboratory report formats.
                      Proficient in bianary and ternary phase diagram analysis.
                    Computer Skills
                      Knowledgeable in DOS, Mac, UNIX, and Windows operating
                      Programming abilities in FORTRAN and Pascal.
                      Familiar with the internet and many of its applications.
                      Eager to learn new computer and software applications.

 EXPERIENCE         Business Manager, Blue Ridge Motel, Roanoke, VA  Summers 
                       Employee Management                                                                    
                       Analyize expenceses and cost reduction
 ACTIVITIES         Member of the Society of the Advancement of Materials and
                       Processing Engineering.
                       Science of Wheels experiment and proformance commitee.
 REFERENCES         Available upon request.