Example Problem 1: Steady-State Diffusion (Fick's First Law).

by Janson Montaner (resume). Modified by R.D. Kriz (5/19/95).

You are working for Intech, and your job is to harden titanium by the diffusion of carbon. The concentration of carbon at 1 mm into the surface of the titanium slab is 0.25 kg/m^3 and at 3 mm the concentration is 0.68 kg/m^3. The temperature of the carburizing environment is 925 degrees Celsius, and the rate at which carbon is entering this 2 mm thick region is 1.27E-9 kg/(m^2*s). What is the diffusion coefficient for this particular treatment?

Fick's first law is the equation to be used in the solution to this problem.

End of Steady-State Diffusion Example