School address:						Permanent address:
218 Newman Hall						26 Culebra Avenue
Virginia Tech						Toms River, NJ  08753
Blacksburg, VA  24060-0011				(908) 270-4162
(703) 232-6783

Objective:  To obtain an engineering related summer position

Education: Materials Engineering courses taken at Virginia Tech:

Materials Science for Engineers

X-Ray Diffraction and Lab

Structure Properties I, II, and Labs

Phase Equilibria in Ceramics

Thermodynamics in Materials Science

Introduction to Polymer Engineering

Mechanical Behavior of Materials

Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing

Skills: Laboratory and Scientific Skills

Proficient in the use of an x-ray diffractometer

Extensive Laboratory experience involving microstructural analysis of metals.

Knowledgeable about materials processing techniques

Polymer Processing and Testing

Knowledgeable in various laboratory report formats

Computer Skills

Knowledgeable in DOS, Mac, UNIX, and Windows operating


Programming abilities in FORTRAN

Familiar with the internet and many of its applications

Eager to learn new computer and software applications

Work Apprentice engineer and draftsman at Horn, Tyson, & Experience: Yoder, Inc. Consulting engineers, surveyors & planners

Summer 1994.

Worked at Ortley Beach A&P as a produce clerk

Summers of 1989-1993

Activities: Project organizer of Materials Science project involving the

heat treatment of steel

Member of the Society for the Advancement of Material and

Process Engineering

Member of The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society

References: Available upon request