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I ran into a problem when I tried to load my model files into CCC instead of the default file.  The following guidelines were developed from my experiment and suggestions from John Kelso, Kevin Curry, and Dr. R.D.Kriz.

This page also describes how to grab and move objects in CCC, and also the use of   voice commands in CCC

How to load other .iv or .pfb files into CCC

Assuming that you have already install /limAware and /ccc and /CAVERN in your SGI IRIX.

  1. The default layout file of limAware and ccc is amyoffice.pfb located in lim_perf.c++.
  2. Put a copy of your .iv, .pfb file in /limAware and /ccc directory
  3. Edit lim_perf.c++ in /limAware or /ccc:
    1. locate the code where the program loads up amyoffice.pfb
    2. if (obj = pfdLoadFile("amyoffice.pfb")) {

      g_modelDCS = new pfDCS;

      g_modelDCS->setTrans(50, 15, -10);



    3. change the default amyoffice.pfb to your own .iv or .pfb file
    4. if (obj = pfdLoadFile("YourFile.pfb or .iv")) {

      g_modelDCS = new pfDCS;

      g_modelDCS->setTrans(30, 20, -5);



    5. set the orientation of your models file by changing the setTrans parameters (x, y, z) coordinates. You might have to play around with it several time to get an appropriate start point of you model file. You may go to CAVE SLUG Page for the instruction of how to change the starting point of a model
  4. Now, you will need to edit the Makefile and CAVERN includes file before compiling your newly-edited lim_perf.c++.
    1. Edit the path in the Makefile so that it points to a correct location of /CAVERN directory



    5.2 Edit the first line in /CAVERN/CAVERN_MAKEFILE_INCLUDES to indicate where the /CAVERN is located


  5. To compile
    1. In /limAware or /ccc type

%make clean  to remove *.o files then type

%make all

This will compile all your program files including lim_perf.c++

Try %limbo YourName, you should now be able to see your model .iv or .pfb file instead of the default amyoffice.

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How to grab an and relocate an object in CCC environment

Objects are .iv files that you load into the virtual environment. Objects also includes Radar and Participant’s List

  1. Navigate the wand toward the object until your virtual hand intersects it.
  2. A white box will appear indicating that your virtual hand is now ready to grab.
  3. Grab the object by pressing the wand’s left button and hold it.
  4. Navigate your virtual hand and the attached object to your desired location.
  5. Release the left button to let go the object.
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Using Voice Commands:

It is not practical to communicate with the computer using a keyboard while we are walking in virtual building.  Instead of typing commands with a keyboard to tell the computer to perform various tasks, CCC allows us to  communicate with the computer via a voice command. Voice command enables participants to send commands to the computer using their voice, thus eliminating the need to navigate the wand to push virtual buttons. Users wear hand-free headset and issue commands by simply talking to the microphone. The computer picks up the voice and perform the operation.  Voice command capability in CCC is very useful in the CAVE environment because users can totally focus on the model.  

All voice activated commands starts with "Computer" and ends with "Please". The following line depicts the format

Syntax: >Computer "Your Command" Please;

Examples: >Computer radar 1 Please;

>Computer Teleport to Kevin Please;

The first example tells the computer to show 2Dradar on the Screen. The second example moves you directly to where Kevin is.

Here is the complete set of commands located in /ccc/demo_cmds:

computer show radar 1 please
computer hide radar 1 please
computer show radar 0 please
computer hide radar 0 please
computer show list 2 please
computer hide list 2 please
computer teleport to 10 10 0 please
computer port to 50.5 75.35 0.0 please
computer jump to -10 -10 0 please
computer teleport to jose please
computer tether to jose please
computer detach from jose please
computer exit please 
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Last updated: 05/09/99
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