Project Contract

David James

ESM 4714 - Scientific Visual Data Analysis and Multimedia

March, 4 1999


Blade-Vortex Interaction in 2D Potential Flow



Blade-vortex theory is commonly used in fluid mechanics to model flow over an airfoil. A vortex sheet made of bound vortices can be used to simulate a flat plate for small blade thickness. This plate is then positioned in a free stream at a small angle of attack, while free vortices are then convected across the plate at the free stream velocity. The circulation, and therefore the lift, on the plate is influenced by these vortices while they are close to the plate. It is of interest to determine how the initial configuration of vortices effects the time history of lift. It would be helpful to have an interactive tool for visualizing this problem. It would also be beneficial to make this tool available to students who are studying this theory.





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