Data Visualization - Project Contract

ESM 4714 - Scientific Visual Analysis and Multimedia

By: Kevin Dent

Date: 3/4/99


To use visualization techniques to view quickly and better understand specific crystal properties.


Through a joint research effort involving faculty and students of several departments including Math, Geology, Material Science and Chemistry, properties of bonding and how these properties affect materials have been studied. Our ability to understand the role of potential energy functions and electron density distributions could be greatly enhanced if a better method for visualizing these properties within the crystal environment could be devised.


The main objectives of the class project are:

    1. Introduction
    2. *theory behind creating a minimal surface

      *definition and use of periodic minimal and periodic equi- potential surfaces

      II. Use visual analysis to view periodic minimal surface(PMS) and

      periodic equi-potential surface(PEPS)

      *changing already existing Matlab data files into PV Wave data files, to generate 3-D models

      *attach color to show properties characteristics such as the minimal area of the surface

      *Using those PV Wave 3-D animations and data files and load into VRML to navigate through the crystal structure



    3. Develop a multimedia/web presentation

*report of project's theory, origin, and mathematical formula creation

*using PSE server to create a interactive Java based web forms

-this will let the user change specific properties of the crystal and see the difference in minimal surfaces

-the form will send an email to the user as to where to find his results, on the web, immediately, in a VRML format


PV Wave, CAVE, VRML, Web File Forms