Present Address                                                                                                              Permanent Address
7200 Hunter Mill Rd. NW, Apt. A                                                                                  327 Lake Serene Dr.
Blacksburg, VA 24060                                                                                                   Winchester, VA 22603
(540) 961-7882                                                                                                              (540) 665-3046
Email:  jubarker@vt.edu

OBJECTIVE              To obtain a position in the field of engineering mechanics

EDUCATION           Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University        Blacksburg, VA
                                    B.S. - Engineering Science and Mechanics
                                    Minor in Mathematics
                                    Expected graduation date of May, 1999

EXPERIENCE          The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company                 Akron, OH
                                    Four terms as a co-op student 1996-1998

COMPUTER              CADAM       AutoCAD       ABAQUS       ABAQUS-Post    Matlab
SKILLS                       PATRAN      MS Office       FORTRAN    Mathematica         CATIA

RELATED                 Statics                                               Dynamics I, II
CLASSES                   Fluid Mechanics I, II, III                   Vibration and Control
                                    Material Selection and Design            Reliability
                                    Solid and Structural Mechanics          Computational Methods
                                    Mechanical Behavior of Materials
                                    Computer Simulation of Mechanical Behaviors of Materials

OTHER                      Graduate of the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving
EXPERIENCE                 4 Day Advanced Road Racing Course
                                    Sports Car Club of America regional competition license holder
                                    Resident Advisor - 1996

ACTIVITIES             German Club of Virginia Tech
                                    Student Government Association – Senator 1998-1999
                                    Society of Engineering Science – Secretary 1998-1999
                                    Student Engineers Council – Dean’s Committee Chairman
                                    Engineering Curriculum Committee Student Representative
                                    Intramural Sports – Flag Football, Softball