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Amit Goel

1230 University City Blvd, Apt G75, Blacksburg, VA 24060 (540) 953-1661 agoel@vt.edu http://www.cs.vt.edu/~agoel

Objective A software development position focused on computer graphics
Keywords 3D Computer Graphics, Rendering, Animation, Geometric Modeling, Data Visualization
Education Master of Science, Computer Science, Expected graduation date May 1999
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Bachelor of Technology, Electrical Engineering, May 1997
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India
Related Projects VizCraft - The Multi-Dimensional Visualization Tool for Aircraft Design, Master's thesis, 1999
Developed an application for 29-dimensional visualization of constraint-based aircraft design.
Programming base: Java, VRML, on Digital UNIX for DEC Alpha.

Web3D - The Virtual Reality Browser, B.Tech. thesis, 1997
Independently developed a new interpreted language capable of displaying virtual 3D scenes and animations on the Web, integrated into a browser. The browser incorporated modeling, animation, physical simulation, and rendering capabilities.
Programming base: C, X Toolkit, Motif, on Sun SPARC Solaris.

Computer-Aided Carpet Designing, 1990
Developed a graphical application that supported Paintbrush-like functionalities customized for designing carpets using only a keyboard.
Programming base: Basic for BBC Microcomputer
Related Coursework Scientific Visualization and Data Analysis, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Software Engineering
Computer Skills Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, PERL, Pascal, BASIC, MATLAB, dBase
Other languages: HTML, VRML, TeX, LaTeX
Operating Systems: MSDOS, Windows 95/NT, UNIX (Solaris, SunOS, Digital UNIX, Irix, HP-UNIX)
Other skills: X11, X Toolkit, Motif, UNIX system administration
Experience Graduate Research Assistant, Spring 1999
Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech
Project: Master's Thesis

Graduate Research Assistant, Jan - Dec 1998
Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech
Project: Developing a Java-based system that lets users perform simulations in the wood-based composites domain via the Web.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Fall 1997
Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech
Course: Computer Literacy

Intern, Summer 1996
Samtel Color Ltd., India
Developed an online database management utility that enabled users to update machine repair and maintenance status from remote sites.
Publications WBCSim: A Prototype Problem Solving Environment for Wood-Based Composites Simulations,
A. Goel, C. Phanouriou, F. Kamke, C.J. Ribbens, C.A. Shaffer, L.T. Watson. (to be submitted)
Awards First prize: DITECH '97, National software contest, Delhi Institute of Technology, India, 1997
Second prize: TRYST '97, National software contest, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, 1997
First prize: CSI International School programming contest, Sherwood College, India, 1990
First prize: School Founders' Exhibition and software contest, Sherwood College, India, 1990
Nationality Indian
Status F-1 Visa holder