Project Contract

ESM 4984 - Scientific Visual Data Analysis and Multimedia
by: Pranciskus Pauliukonis and Jason Bestimt


Exanding the gaming frontier to "true" 3D


From flight simulators to first person perspective shoot-em-ups, computer
games have always consisted of a 3D world mapped onto a 2D screen. No one
has had the technology to view a 3d world in a 3D environment.


To understand and implement basic graphics and Input/Output routines
in the cave. To create the foundation for a computer game in a true 3D

  • Use OpenGL to contruct 3-D graphics for the CAVE
  • Create a way to navigate a OpenGL designed region using the control wand
  • Attach graphics to C++ objects to create a simple flying simulator
  • Add collision detection to the 3D objects


    The presentation of these objectives will be in the following formats.

  • CAVE demonstration of flying simulator progress
  • Web page similar to commercial game developer site
    Last Updated: October 2, 1997