CAVE Visualization and Modeling of the Phantom II Human-Powered Submarine

Project Members: Heath Beres and Jeff Mattingly
Project Advistor: Dr. Ron Kriz


The Phantom II is the Virginia Tech Human-Powered Submarine. The submarine is approximately 10 feet long, constructed of fiberglass. The submarine contains two SCUBA-certified divers; one responsible for the providing the propulsion (ie. 'leg power') and the other responsible for controlling the submarine. Controlling the submarine consists of maintaining the submarine at the proper depth (approximately 20 to 30 feet below the surface), and maneuvering it through the given course. The international competition is being held in June 1998 in Panama City, Florida, where the course will be a 400 foot oval course in open water.


We are both ESM undergraduates working on the submarine for our senior engineering project. Without going into detail, our senior design involves designing a variable-pitch propeller system for the submarine. A report is available at the main ESM office, for those interested.

In conjunction with our senior design project, we decided to work on modeling the existing submarine and our senior design project in the CAVE. The design of the submarine is an ongoing project, where components change as the design changes. For this reason, we concentrated on modeling the hull of the submarine and the component we were designing. AutoCAD modeling and conversion into the CAVE is still in the beginning stages of development, so this project encorporates some design and some experimental AutoCAD-CAVE work.

Project Objectives:

The main objectives of the class project are:

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Written By:Heath Beres

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