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Project Members:Heath Beres and Jeff Mattingly

Advisor:Ron Kriz
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Laboratory for Scientific Visual Analysis

DXFconvert 1.0
Author:Heath Beres

Please read the copyright header on the script file. You are basically free to modify and distribute the script file as long as you keep the file header intact. This is for educational purposes, so you may not sell/charge for the use of this product.
AutoCAD Release 12
All AutoCAD references in this project are to Release 12, and its associated Advanced Modeling Extension Release 2.1.

AutoCAD Release 12 is a product of AutoDesk, Inc. and its associated copyrights.
DxfToIv Version 1.0 7/26/95
This conversion utility is a product of Abaco Systems, Inc. and Silicon Graphics, Inc. and its associated copyrights.
Written By:Heath Beres

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