Project Contract ESM 5984 - Scientific Visual Analysis & Multimedia

Project Contract

by James Reaney


The use of Scientific Visual Analysis Tools to determine the effects of gas turbine design parameters on compressor stage characteristics.


Compressor stage characteristics are used in detailed stage-by-stage dynamic gas turbine simulations as a way of predicting the behavior of the compressor under various operating conditions. Much work has already been done in the area of dynamic compressor simulation to predict compressor stage characteristics based on various design parameters. These predictions help designers build more efficient compressors without the need for elaborate and expensive prototypes. This work will concentrate on visualizing the impact of specific design parameters on the predicted compressor stage characteristics.


To develop an interactive, visual analysis tool that will aid in the optimization of compressor design parameters based on predicted compressor stage characteristics. This tool will initially have a platform-specific GUI front-end based on a single machine, although I plan to extend the GUI to the Web through the use of Java-based applets. This extension will thus enable the tool to be cross- platform, greatly enhancing its usefulness.


AVS, PV-Wave, Java Development Kit. Other applications as appropriate.

Last updated 11 March 1996

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