George Chin Jr. (Computer Science Dept.)
Wen Gong (Computer Science Dept.)
Ray Reaux (Computer Science Dept.)
Madhan Subhas (Computer Science Dept.)

Project Description:

PhysEd will be an interactive, instructional physics software package that allows high school and first-year college students to experiment will fundamental physics laws and concepts. This project is being developed for the Scientific Visual Analysis with Multimedia (ESM 5984) course at Virginia Tech.


Allocation of Tasks:

PhysEd will be developed as three separate modules conforming to the three supported physics areas listed above. Assignments of these modules are as follows:

Team members are individually responsible for the development and completion of their assigned modules. Under these assignment, each team member is expected to perform a significant amount of multimedia development.

Development and Target Computing Environment:

We intend to develop both an interactive and a demonstration version of the PhysEd program. The interactive version provides the user with full dynamic control of the experiments. The demonstration version presents the capabilities of PhysEd through text, images, and possibly video, and provides a mechanism for the student to download the interactive version. The two versions of the PhysEd program are briefly described below:

Other Physics Education Web Sites:

The following list contains links to other web sites which have information related to physics education:

The Project Dream Team:

George Chin Jr.

Wen Gong

Ray Reaux

Madhan Subhas