Project Motivation

The Physics Education Laboratory is an instructional physics software package that allows high school students to experiment will fundamental physics laws and concepts. This project is being developed for the following course:

Team Members:

All project team members are graduate students in the Computer Science Department.

George Chin Jr.       Wen Gong         Ray A. Reaux      Madhan Subhas

Project Goals:

The goal of this project was to develop a multimedia tool to teach high school students basic physics principles. It is a part of an on-going development effort for Mark Freeman, a physics teacher at the Blacksburg High School.

The project consists of 4 modules which use graphics, sound, animation, as well as text to present information on:

Tools Used:

The Physics Tutorial System was developed using Macromind Director, SoundEdit, Aldus Photoshop, and graphics tools such as MacPro Draw.

Downloading the Physics Education Laboratory Software:

The Physics Education Laboratory software runs on Macintosh computers and requires Macromind Director 4.0 to execute.

To download the Physics Education Laboratory software, press this following "Download" button:
Warning! - The download option does not currently work because we have yet to locate an anonymous ftp site for our software.

Other Physics Education Web Sites:

The following list contains links to other web sites which have information related to physics education:

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