Project Contract

Principal Investigator:

Batsirai Mutasa


Visualisation of Grain Boundary Structures in Intermetallics

NB:This is where an example of my grain boundaries will be.

A multiplicity of possible geometric grain boundary structures are studied in order to better understand the mechanical properties of these compounds.


I have generated a number of these structures using the Embedded Atom Method. These programs still need to be amended and converted to the correct file format, that is readable by Cerrius.


  1. Create a module to show graduate students the creation of geometric grain boundary structures.
  2. Visualisation of the computer simulated grain boundaries, using visual analysis tools Presentation of 1 & 2 above in a Multimedia module


I will use Cerrius, P-V Wave and NCSA software packages and any other appropriate packages. I will use Micromedia:Director for the Multimedia presentation.