Production Information

Computer Systems

Unless otherwise specified, Macintosh Quadras (950, 900, or 700) were used throughout the development of this project.

Data Acquisition and Manipulation

All phase-shifting interferometry data was acquired and converted to displacements on an i486 PC type computer using the program "Fringe", an analysis package produced at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory for the U. S. Air Force. Spyglass Transform was used to manipulate the displacement data. Included in this manipulation was geometry assignment, cropping, smoothing, differentiation, and image production. SVELT data was produced on an IBM RISC6000 computer at AdTech Systems Research, Inc. in Ohio by the SVELT program.

Image Production and Manipulation

Strain data images were produced using Spyglass Transform. Custom palettes were constructed using NCSA's PalEdit program. The animations of strain data were produced using Spyglass Format. All fringe images were photographed using Kodak Technical Pan sheet film and were scanned into the computer using Adobe Photoshop's ScanMaker PlugIn and a ScanMaker scanner. The damage photographs were taken using a digital camera attached to a microscope and manipulated in Adobe Photoshop. The mean difference summary chart was produced in Kaleidagraph. MacDraw Pro was used to make several schematics. It was also used in conjunction with Spyglass Transform and Adobe Photoshop to produce the smoothing procedure charts. Miscellaneous other drawings, backgrounds, and manipulations were made in Adobe Photoshop and MacroMedia Director's Paint. All production and direction of this project was accomplished with MacroMedia Director.