J. Kevin Ternes



DOMAIN technologies, inc.
Systems Engineer Jan 95-present. Planning and documentation of networked systems installation, management and backup; computer systems troubleshooting; Web server administration, html authoring and CGI programming; Unix shell programming; installation and evaluation of public domain and commercial off-the-shelf software products in both Unix and PC environments for image processing, personal information management, office automation, file and data management, electronic mail, and backups.

Virginia Tech, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Graduate Project Assistant Aug 93-Jan 95. Programmed atomistic computer simulations of various defects in a crystal lattice; developed new visualization techniques for simulation data by integrating PV-WAVE, AVS and other off-the-shelf and custom-coded programs; generated both MPEG and QuickTime animations to present data; programmed in C and FORTRAN; wrote journal papers.

Unix Systems Administrator Oct 93-Jan 95. Set up, maintained, and installed both commercial and public-domain software; established TCP/IP and NFS services; instructed members of research group in Unix; installed and configured X-terminals; wrote several successful proposals for supercomputer time, set up and maintained the granted accounts and ported in house software to the supercomputing hosts.

University of Kentucky, Department of Physics
Research Assistant for the Intermediate Energy Nuclear Group Jan 90-Aug 90, May 91-Dec 91. Designed and built gas-handling system for wire chamber detectors; replayed/analyzed data for the nuclear reactions p(n,gamma)d and d(p,gamma)3He; programmed simulations of various detector-target geometries and wrote programs which assisted in the management and presentation of data.

Teaching Assistant Aug 88-Dec 89, Aug 90-May 91. Taught labs and recitation classes for general physics courses; assisted instruction of electronics lab; wrote a manual explaining the use of both MS-DOS and the circuit simulation program PSPICE; assisted observing sessions and graded papers for astronomy classes; tutored sophmore level physics students.

Lab Assistant Summers 87 and 88. Replayed data on the reaction 15N(p,gamma)16O. Wrote FORTRAN programs utilizing PGPLOT to manage, process and plot data.


Operating Systems: Very well-versed in Unix (AIX, HP-UX) including make, shell-scripting, TCP/IP, NIS/NFS, automounter, and have maintained accounts on machines from many different vendors. Proficient in OS/2, Windows NT and PC configuration. Also familiar with VMS, Windows and MacOS.

Multimedia: Have written hypertext (html) for a WWW presentation and used MacroMind Director for a multimedia presentation. Experienced with various image processing software such as Adobe PhotoShop, xv and PBMPLUS. Have made both MPEG and QuickTime movies from scratch.

Visualization: Have used many packages including the NCSA and Spyglass suites. Extensive experience with AVS, PV-WAVE and Cerius.

Programming: C/C++, FORTRAN, Pascal, ksh, csh, Perl, PLPLOT, HDF.

Software: Visual C++, MatLab, Mathematica, Surfer, ELT, Pixel!FX, DIEPS. Highly experienced with LaTeX. Familiar with many Windows, Macintosh and public-domain Unix applications.


M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, December 1994.
Thesis: "Visualization and Simulation of Dislocation Core Structures in B2 NiAl''

M.S. in Physics from the University of Kentucky, 1991.


B.S. double-major in Physics and Mathematics at the University of Kentucky, 1988.


Commonwealth Scholarship at University of Kentucky.



"Strain Invariants and Dislocation Core Structure of Simulated B2 NiAl'', http://www.sv.vt.edu/class/Student_Proj/class94/ternes/ternes.html


camping, hiking, rock-climbing, rappeling, mountain-biking

references available upon request