Information About Generation of Data and Images

Note that all the still images referenced by the previous page are 350x350 256 color GIFs with file sizes in the range 30kB-50kB and all movies are 350x350 color MPEGS of about 1MB. The original PICTs (see below) were converted to GIFs using xv. Filters from the NETPBM toolkit were used to preprocess the original PICTs preparing them for the PVRG-MPEG CODEC, v1.2.1 which generated the MPEGS.

All images were made using tools at the Virginia Tech Laboratory for Scientific Visual Analysis. The original images in PICT format were generated using AVS by Advanced Visual Systems Inc. The AVS network used is pictured below. Precision Visuals' PV-WAVE was used to grid the data before it was read by AVS's read field module and a filter written in C was used to generate the PDB (Protein Data Bank) files which were input to AVS's pdb to geom module.

Figure: AVS Network for generating PICT images from field and pdb data when two invariants are to be displayed.

All simulations were carried out at Virginia Tech's Atomistic Computer Simulation Laboratory in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering using distributed IBM rs/6000s. The simulation code consists of embedded atom potentials and an iterative minimization process written in FORTRAN. The code is the work of many students and professors who have performed research in the Laboratory. Work at the Atomistic Computer Simulation Laboratory is supported by the Office of Naval Research and the National Science Foundation.

To Strain Invariants and Dislocation Core Structure of Simulated B2 NiAl .

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