Tour of Fluid Flow Properties in Shear

This project was designed to produce and present images and animations from a computationally created high speed mixing layer flow field. The images and animations produced were used for analysis during the course of the project's development.

The data set from the mixing layer is comprised of double precision files of 3 dimensional arrays with dimensions of 55x217x55 for the parameters of density, temperature, and the directional flow speeds u,v, and w. There were new parameter files for each non dimensional time step except for the coordinate space, which did not change. The two flow parameters of primary interest were those of the pressure and vorticity magnitudes. The region of greatest activity in the flow occurred in a limited region symetrical about the x-z plane and so the data sets were reduced to 55x93x55. The full data sets were read into Fortran routines where the parameters were manipulated to produce the reduced data sets for pressure, temperature and vorticity in single precision output files. The new output was then read into AVS (by Advanced Visual Systems Inc.) The work that followed in AVS was for the most part fairly typical, although a number of unsupported modules were used in the project work.

Below, you will find a listing for still pictures and Mpeg movies resulting from this work. The contents of these images are pressure and vorticity information. In the pressure files, the isosurface represents a particular pressure and the color mapped onto the surface is representative of the vorticity. Likewise in the vorticity files, the isosurface represents a particular vorticity and the color mapped onto the surface is representative of the pressure.

In the Mpeg movies, the times step is held and the Iso-surface value is increased.

In the next set of datamations, the Iso-surface is held constant and the time step is varied from 47 - 95 seconds.

This work was done by Dan Mulholland, Madhu Sreedhar and Dr. Saad Ragab

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