How is Color Perceived: A Literature Review and Gradients Applied to an Ames Trapezoid


I had decided to take this course because of the interesting course description. Because I am currently not working on any projects subsequently do not have any data to work with I have decided to do a literature review.

After exercise one I found it very interesting how the human eye processes the black and white gradients. In an extension of that, I want to explore how the human eye process color, and color gradients.


In order to explore how the human eye process color I am going to do a literature review of at least 5 journal articles dealing with color and resolution. And from books by Fornter, Meyer, and Tufte. In order to gain first hand experience with manipulating color, and how people percieve color and shading I will apply different color gradients to an Ames trapezoid. I will use VRML and some PV Wave to apply different color gradients to the Ames trapezoid and to see if it can effect how people perceive it. The Ames trapezoid is a trapezoid that when rotated around the y-axis looks as though its swinging back and forth.

1) To learn and gain an understanding of VRML

2) To become more familiar with PV Wave

3) Complete a literature review of at least 5 articles and 3 books

4) Make an Ames trapezoid in VRML and apply different color gradients

5) Show the trapezoid to different people to see how they perceive it