ESM 4714
Scientific Visual Data Analysis and Multimedia

Principal Investigator
Julien Pierru

Use of Scientific Visual Immersive Tools for Material Lattice Environment Investigation and Ion Surface Interactions

The understanding of the inner structure of a material lattice is important in the completion of a full 3D ion surface interaction code. The interaction simulation is based on a PIC approach, the material lattice is immersed in a mesh at which nodes the electrostatic field is computed then applied to the moving ions to determine their trajectories.

Progress (as of 03/09/2003)
The first part of the simulation has been written, that is the computation of the electric field, and visualized into the CAVE. The data file loaded into the CAVE is under the inventor format, as such some rendering issues had to be fixed.

The objectives of the class project are:

Finish the code and run the entire simulation including the sputtering calculations.

Visualize and analyse the results both in the CAVE to experience the immersive capability and with capVTE a software developped at the Virginia Tech Computational Advanced Propulsion Laboratory.

Create a short web site and a multimedia presentation to present the results of my simulation.

Two softwares will be used to study the data, first DIVERSE to visualize the data into the CAVE and capVTE since this software is an ongoing project from my laboratory.